UMAGO #1 Destabilized Ground: New Photography from Hungary

Works by Krisztina Erdei, Ágnes Éva Molnár and Peter Puklus
Duration of the exhibition: Oktober 30 – November 30, 2012
Location: Gasthaus Adlerhof, Burggasse 51, 1070 Wien
Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 18 p.m. – 12 p.m.
and on ‘Infoscreen’ in Vienna's subway stations, tramways, and buses every Sunday in November

Destabilized Ground: New Photography from Hungary is the first exhibition produced by a newly established organization: UMAGO seeks to promote socially relevant photography and to foster networking, self-organization, and support for photographers and artists who work with photography.

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The show focuses on the equally striking and compelling works of the photographers Krisztina Erdei (b. 1976), Agnes Eva Molnár (b. 1980), and Peter Puklus (b. 1980). "Destabilized Ground" designates the blend of a vague crisis, insecurity, and fear that has come to define the sense of life in Europe as elsewhere during the past decade. Rather than directly conveying the economic and political circumstances in which our neighbors across the border live, the photographs on display in the exhibition illustrate the moods of a young generation responding to the general sense of uncertainty, often with caustic humor.
At the wonderful Adlerhof, the photographs face off against the soccer paraphernalia lining the walls—a passion of Mr. Stefan, the restaurant's Hungarian-born owner—transforming the dining room into a site-specific installation.
In collaboration with Infoscreen, the works are presented to wide audiences in Vienna's subway stations, tramways, and buses.

An exhibition produced by UMAGO collaboration with SOHO IN OTTAKRING.

Destabilized Ground: New Photography from Hungary takes place in the framwork of

With joy we commemorate Stefan Giczi, the host of Adlerhof. 'Mr. Stefan‘, highly esteemed by his guests, led this place, one of the last of its kind, until his death in 2017. Thank you, Mr. Stefan!

Photo: Wolfgang Schneider