About our work

Art in the social space, art in the public space, public art – these are designations that are related to our work, although none of these labels is entirely appropriate for our artistic undertakings. At the core of our work lies the attempt to use art as an “instrument” for daily life, as a possibility in wanting to understand daily life.
Our favored media and means therefore are photography and video, standing for themselves as images. They can also be part of spacial installations and transformations, while - together with other elements - refer to the respective context they were made for. Sometimes, part of our work migrates into performative forms.

The public character of art can make communication possible in unexpected places and create temporary communication spaces between groups that have little to do with each other in daily life. These possibilities are not sufficiently explored in the usual artistic exercises in museums, galleries and auctions etc., since art institutions are generally the facilities of the establishment (and are often perceived as elitist). We have to show interest in the context of the lives of those who are not part of the regular exhibition crowds if we want to go further. To put it in a nutshell, we stand for a non-elitist view when it comes to places, finding people to engage and the right to have a say.
However, the choice of means, the theoretical considerations and the knowledge of these currents in art are elite – the same way rules of play are in sports (think of the offside rule in soccer or scoring in tennis). But art forms that move out of the defined spaces are confronted with the complex and incalculable terrain of social space. This means new rules for art which are never absolute; instead they are always only relative. This subject was also the topic of the international symposium we organized in 2005, “Dual Commitment.” (http://www.dualcommitment.net). ?This title can also be seen as the guiding theme in our own work: the attempt to reach two different fields with our work, the arts and other social realities, such as our current project “COMPANY. Working in Berndorf” daily life at work in an industrial company.
Artistic works on the subject of “working” and the daily as well as socio-political implications thereof have interested us for some time. 

Photo: Zobl Schneider