Austrian State Prize
The publication
COMPANY. Photographs and Fragments on Working

was awarded the State Prize for "The Most Beautiful Books in Austria" in the category contemporary art books, photo art, architecture, exhibition catalogs.
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The book was published in Edition Angewandte (book series of the University of Applied Arts Vienna) by De Gruyter publisher

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. It is available Opens external link in new windowhere as well as in the bookstore Walther König in the Museumsquartier Vienna

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. The following persons worked on the book:

Artistic research, concept, photography, text:
Beatrix Zobl and Wolfgang Schneider

Other authors:
Ruth Horak, Monika Mokre, Erzsébet Pilinger, Tasos Zembylas

Graphic design: (Oliver Hofmann, Benjamin Buchegger, Daniel Car)

Pixelstorm (Manfred Kostal)

Holzhausen (Johannes Fauland)

Papyrus (Erich Messner, Regina Huhn)

German copy editing and proofreading:
Melanie Gadringer

English translation, copy editing, and proofreading:
Ada St. Laurent

Project Management “Edition Angewandte”, University of Applied Arts Vienna:
Anja Seipenbusch-Hufschmied

Content and Production Editor Books on behalf of the Publisher:
Angela Gavran

Photo: Zobl Schneider