Work, Life, Art


With works by:

Carla Bobadilla, THE WOMEN, Katharina Gruzei, Anna Jermolaewa, Helmut and Johanna Kandl, Moussa Kone, Elfriede Mejchar, Cinthia Mitterhuber, Olaf Osten, Andreas Rhomberg, Beatrix Zobl and Wolfgang Schneider

The world of work has changed profoundly over the past decades. This development did not begin with the digital revolution. With globalization, production locations shifted, and already before that the change from the industrial to the service society had changed the everyday working life severely. At the same time, demographic and social changes make occupational profiles such as careers more important and get into the public eye.

When talking about the upheavals in the labor market today about Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence, there is a broad spectrum between fear and euphoria: some welcome the brave new world of work, others fear that too many jobs will disappear and mass unemployment the society threatens. The person of the 21st century should, according to the unwritten law, identify one hundred percent with his work and be highly flexible. Leisure and work become blurred.

These tendencies have always been common in the arts. The sociologist Richard Sennett coined the term "flexible person" in the 1990s.

What does work mean today? What happens when certain works and their spaces become superfluous? How do artists observe working people and their environment, as well as their own artistic activity? And how do flexibilization and globalization affect being as an employee, as well as the bodies of people? Or have traditional forms of employment already long since overtaken? The works reflect issues such as these, with the exhibition spanning several decades.

Concept and curating: Nina Schedlmayer

Exhibition dates

2019-08-10 to 08-25 • Schüttkasten Allentsteig

Vernissage: Friday, August 9, 7 p.m.

Address: Hamerlingstraße, 3804 Allentsteig

More locations and dates:

2019-09-14 to 10-02 • Municipal Office, Yspertal

2019-10-12 to 12-08 • Zeitbrücke Museum, Gars am Kamp

Further Information:
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Photo: Zobl Schneider